"Scott, some extra help on your birthday!" Hand-drawn birthday card for my yoga-loving brother.
My mom collects pens, so for her birthday I created this oversized pen using an insulating styrofoam tube, wooden dowel stick, a miniature party hat, yarn, and a sharpie. It actually writes!
Created a Trivial Pursuit themed birthday card for my husband. Each wedge is a slice of cake (I cut each slice from foam and painted). Wrote trivia questions for each member of my family.
After creating a complex scavenger hunt for my unicorn/spy obsessed daughter's birthday, I designed this badge for her birthday card (complete with a thoughtful poem on the back).
A portrait of my family.
My son loves REALLY BIG numbers. And he was constantly asking "how many days until my birthday?!" My solution was to create this spinning wheel that not only shows the days left until his birthday, but also the seconds, minutes and hours! See it in action: https://tracyclarry.wistia.com/medias/b7myl45bkh
The inspiration for this faux chocolate box I created for my mother's 68th birthday was her birthday gift - a new guitar. Inside she found guitar pick shaped chocolates, each named after a popular song that referenced its flavor.
Hand-made Birthday Cards

I am a professional graphic designer, but also find ways to express myself creatively on family member's birthdays. Each year I come up with a personalized hand-made card.

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