Deathrace: Bomb concept - This was the bomb design that was chosen for the film. The illustrations was not that great as I was getting use to my new Wacom and Photoshop.
Bomb tech drawing to help build the prop - Old school drafting. Should have used Autocad, it would have gone faster.
Bomb tech drawing to help build the prop
Good old foam core work model - Not used very often in the movie business, but this model validated the concept. The director saw it and within a few seconds he said it was fine. Good way to "feel"the prop and see the actuel proportions.
Deathrace: the bomb that was planted under the Mustang
Deathrace: 3/4 rear view of the bomb
Deathrace: Remote control - Concept that was chosen. Really did not have time to make a more realistic illustration. Good enough info for the props builder.
Deathrace: Coach's homemade remote control - THhs prop had to look like it was built in a garage with low tech parts.
Choosen concept. Had a bit more time to "render" it but again no need to do a slick looking illustration. Enough info supported with tech drawings
Deathrace: Remote control - This had to have the high-tech look
Deathrace: tech. drawing of the GPS wristband - Using this illustration, the props maker made the real thing.
Deathrace: GPS prison wrist band - Based on regular handcuffs mechanism, this was seen early in the movie.
Deathrace: Frankenstein's skull ring - Based on the concept illustration
Deathrace: Mustang interior - Based on this concept illustration, the interior was built. Due to time restrictions, not every element was drawn up. Mixture on collage and illustration. Here we see with the ejection seat
Deathrace: Dodge Ram interior - Full illustration.
Deahrace: BMW navigator cockpit - Once again with time restrictions, it was a mixture of collage and illustration
Deathrace: BMW driver's cockpit - Time is money so mostly collage technique was done
Deathrace: Mustang interior - Removed the race seat to show more of the details on the interior doors, etc.
Movie- Deathrace

Trong-Kim Nguyen
Props Art Director/Senior Concept artist Montreal, Canada