For a Wizard
For a Star
For a High Flyer
For a Dancer
Fan Art - Sumo Link - A piece of Fan Art of "Link" from Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess" video game.
Fan Art - Link's Midnight Ride - Another piece of Fan Art, my own interpretation of Nintendo's "Link" from their "Legend of Zelda" video game series. Decided to mix feudal with the modern and this was the result!
Mothers Day 2009 - A hand made card for my Mother for Mother's Day 2009. My Mother is Greek-Cypriot and has a strong faith in the Greek Orthodox religion, so I chose to draw the Virgin Mary holding her baby Jesus, mixing realism with the style of Greek Orthodox icons. The Greek text underneath says "For a special Mother". Made with HB pencil, Crayola pencil crayons, and Black fineliner on A4 Cartridge paper.
Santa's Not-so-little Helper - A cheeky Christmas card I made for my girl and gay friends!
Axis Powers Hetalia - Great Britain - Fan art of Arthur Kirkland aka "United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland" from the web comic and japanese anime "Axis Powers Hetalia". Created in Flash MX and Photoshop CS4. APH © Himaruya Hidekaz
The Rainbow Face-Off - I started this for fun one night, with two very different rainbows - one nasty, one hippie-like! Partly inspired by the battle of the Rainbows scene in the very first "My Little Pony" film.

Made in Flash MX and Photoshop CS4.
Rainbows designed by me.
Axis Powers Hetalia - Pirate UK - Arthur Kirkland ("UK") in a Pirate outfit, inspired by the Spanish Armada episode of the anime "Axis Powers Hetalia".

Made with traditionsl media.
Birthday Cards and Personal Work
Helen Trifourki
BA., MA Manchester, United Kingdom