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"Princess Zelda" custom made plush doll - A hand made doll of "Princess Zelda" from Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" game series. 9 inches tall and made from felt, polyester stuffing, silks, ribbons, laminated paper, fake eye-lashes and jewellery. Made in December 2008. Copyright of Nintendo.
"Jessica Rabbit" custom made plush doll - A hand made doll of "Jessica Rabbit" from Touchstone Picture's "Who framed Roger Rabbit" feature film. 9 inches tall and made from felt, polyester stuffing, silks, ribbons, sequinned material, fake eye-lashes and photograph paper. Made in January 2009. Copyright of Touchstone pictures.
"Dark Mousy" custom made plush doll - From Yukiru Sugisaki's Japanese Manga and Anime "DN Angel". 16 inches tall (including his mohican-style hair) and made from felt, polyester stuffing, velvet, ribbons, mixed material (the trousers), PVC and feathers . The silver elastic band attached to his back was added so the doll could be hung from a great height to avoid the like of cats and pets attacking him! Made in June 2009. Copyright of Yukiru Sugisaki and TokyoPop Publishers.
"Meths" custom plush doll - This is "Meths" from Naniiebim's "Mephistos" manga in her "Here be Demons" series. He currently stands at 10 inches tall.

"Meths" is copyright of Naniiebim

Doll made by me from various materials
Bunshin on Toast plush doll - Another plushie for Naniiebim, this time of "Bunshin", her mini demon! She asked for "Bunshin on Toast", so the plushie is a (dead) Bunshin on stuffed toast with a layer of felt jam!

Bunshin is copyright of Naniiebim! Plush doll made by me.
Melaka Fray plush doll - A commission as a Christmas present for my dear friend's partner, this is Melaka Fray from Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin-off comic "Fray". The doll stands 11 inches tall.

Melaka Fray and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are Copyright of Joss Whedon.
Axis Powers Hetalia Britannia Angel - This doll is of Axis Powers Hetalia's UK in his "Britannia Angel" outfit (inspired by the original manga). He stands at just over 8 inches tall, has wings made from synthetic white fur, a wand made from funky foam paper, gold spandex materials and tinsel, and a halo (felt and gold glitter glue). He also has Union Jack underpants to differenciate him from other Angels.
Plush dolls
Helen Trifourki
BA., MA Manchester, United Kingdom