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Promo Poster. - A sample of a few photoshop paintings.
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Data Ox - Photoshop w/ a bit of Knoll Light flare.
Two Dudes and a Big Shark. - Composite created in Photoshop with a few low quality photos and a hi-res water texture.
Ancient Boat of Anibus. - Photoshop.
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Glass Bottom Fish. - Photoshop w/ a bit of Z-Brush.
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The Ancients VS The Swarm - Photoshop over bluepencil sketch.
Family Crest - Photoshop treated .eps shape.
Mechanical Replacement Arm - Photoshop over pencil sketch.
Crash in the River Valley - Built in Bryce and finished in Photoshop w/ additional luma FX created with Knoll Light Factory.
Interstellar Oceanic Search Crew - Photoshop.
Infestation of Cybernetic Avians - Photoshop.
Mass of Chaos V7 - Photoshop with 5,000+ "option drags". (a small joke for all of my fellow Photoshop-mates).
Eyeplant - Photoshop.
Space Dragon - Photshop.
Sub Marine Bio-Experiment - See above.
Energy Blaster V.2 - Photoshop over blueline pencil.
The Hand of the Mechanical God - Photoshop.
A Gulf Breeze Sunset - Photoshop illustration inspired by the Gulf Breeze "phenomenon".
Giant Slugfish Pod - A hi-res render of a short animation test using the original animation assets to recreate.
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Matt Matsuoka
Digital Artist Seattle, WA