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Anti- dro

Perhaps the most common reason of car accidents is drowsiness which can be extremely dangerous, not only for vehicle passengers but also for whom outside of the car. Nowadays various sound alarm systems are invented to wake drivers, but they have a temporary effect and can cause driver distraction via sound alarm. We know drowsiness caused by neurotransmitter signals in the brain which cause theta wave with a frequency range of 6–7 Hz. So in collaboration with sleep experts we are developing a system which affects the sleep part of the brain and prevents theta activity by sending a specific wave. As a result driver feels wakeful until device continuous sending wave. It must be mounted to roof over the driver's head ( at the shortest distance to the brain) and a camera monitors driver eye blinking to detect drowsiness level then send data to device in wireless, so device starts to send wave twice a second till driver get conscious and normal. Pilots & guards also can be benefit from it.

Vahidian Design
Industrial design Albuquerque, NM