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Intelligent water meter system

In desert countries like Iran, unauthorized water consumption is about 4 billion liter per Cubic meters yearly which would cause a water crisis. Our patented system benefits from a PLC, flowmeter, Inverter and GSM in a secure aluminium box with password and calculates the exact amount of water extraction from wells without need to traditional power meter and transfers data to water organization directly. As a result consumers would not be able to manipulate the meter and cheat on water organization. PLC turns on the pump gradually via Inverter and Flowmeter sends the water flow amount to PLC. Finally PLC transmits each consumer consumption data to organization by GSM and can report any possible manipulation. A normally closed electric valve has to be mounted on each consumer's pipe that would be turned on just in dedicated consuming times. Because this system has some expenses for farmers to be established, water organization can allocate water irrigation system to farmers instead.

Vahidian Design
Industrial design Albuquerque, NM