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Valiant Circle Productions - A film production house run by bold, young and ambitious visionaries. The logo represents such high-spirited people united by the sheer passion for creativity.
Harvest Technology - A Korean telecommunications company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company still retains many Korean traditional values, and so the logo was designed to convey them.
Mata Angkasa - An aerial photography company that utilizes radio-controlled airplane/helicopters to take bird's eye view photos.
Jagakarsa Exclusive - A small town house residence with secluded, green, out-of-town atmosphere.
PT. MAS - Logo redesign. Still retains most of its original characteristics.
Velocitri Graphics - Velocitri is the name of my former R/C race car. It was only for fun, but when I found out that there's no such name anywhere in the web, I decided to use it as my own nick name. This logo is dedicated to my father. The aviation themed graphics is based on my father's occupation as an aircraft engineer. I grew up around lots of aircraft junk parts around the house, I used to play with them when I was a child.
Rimbawan Gerilya - A drum and bass VJ group
Bali World Air
Equatorial Communications
Facebook Party Jakarta
Apollo Club
Apllo Card
Bogor Educare
Nanggala Group
24/7 - Dubstep, 2Step and Garage event promoter in Jakarta
The Trip - An upbeat, downtown bar run by young entrepreneurs.
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Identity Design
Tri Hartono
Multi-purpose Design Operative Jakarta, Indonesia