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City Block - I hate the cold, sterile feel of vector arts. Then, I remember that ego is the root of all evil, so I decided to put away my ego and focus on something I hate until I'm able to appreciate it. And I also hate city scapes.
Surrender Your Women - This was supposed to be my own t-shirt print design. It ended up being a desktop wallpaper for a while.
FSRD Final Assignment A
Vktr Grvk - Desktop wallpaper. Discarded after 2 weeks on my computer.
Absolute Authoritri
R.Reyner - Pointless
FSRD Final Assignment B
Fadli - Totally pointless.
Tritonik - 3D Crap. Made using TrueSpace4 or something.
Tritonik Label - Label for my 3D Bottle.
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Tri Hartono
Multi-purpose Design Operative Jakarta, Indonesia