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Internacional Museum Seminary - Corporate identity for a museum seminary: poster, letter, folder, promo ticket.
Sports Elite Magazine - An corp id and the design of the brief/prints of a sports magazine.
Campus Verde - Ibero Campus Verde is a sustainable green campus project, this is the logo design I've created for them.
ISDE logotype. - The International Six Days Enduro event in Mexico hosted a logo contest, the participants had to create and ID that qould evoque the "mexican side" of the event qithout turning it into a Charro parade. That is why my inspiration was the dual prehispanic god Quetzalcoatl which I combined with an enduro helmet to create a somewhat of a Motorcycle-Enduro totemic God.
Corp Identity Delikart - Some snapshots of the corp identity manual: the geometrization of the sign, the constructions and proportions of the logotype with the slogan, memorandum and cooler. The document is a total of 80 pages. My first real and serious corp id project.
Vera Varlamova
Experimentation & Reinterpretation Vancouver, BC