Graduation Collection - Graduation Collection llustration Water Color/ Photoshop
Graduation Collection - Graduation Collection Illustrations Media: Pencil/Watercolour
Graduation collection - Graduation Collection Fall/Winter Technical drawings Corel Draw/Photoshop
Draping developments - Draping on the dress form- sculpting the fabric, experimenting with different shapes and textures,
Taffeta/Organdi Dresses - Graduation Collection Fall/Winter Photography: Célia Pires
Smoking coat - Graduation Collection Fall/Winter Photography: Célia Pires
Pleated organdi top - Graduation Collection Fall Winter Photography: Célia Pires
Draped Wool cape
Graduation Collection

The inspiration for my graduation collection came from organic abstract shapes representing opposite states of pure and transformed, simple and complex. To transfer this idea into clothes I used contrasting voluminous shapes versus body fitting, smooth surface versus textured surface, black versus white, light versus dark.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Vera Couto
Fashion Designer Lisboa, Portugal