Diploma project 2007_hamster - Adaptive school bag concept: An innovative school bag system that can be adapted to daily changing pupils´ needs: A basic hard shell backpack, an integrated sports bag and an integrated hip bag.
pdb///portable djing boombox - Fictitious product for adidas inspired by the late 80s ghettoblaster cult and DJing becoming a popular sport. The PDB would be a mobile DJs ultimate dream: It allows you to mix audio files wherever and whenever you want to. At home, in the park, at the beach... Entertain your friends or battle against other DJs.
pdb///upright position
reusch 2006 - Overview Concepts and designs for reusch´s goalkeeper product line. Development of the shock shield concept: Latex and foam cushioned zone on the outside hand protects goalkeepers hand. Development of the overall goalkeeper glove design for reusch´s product line for 2006. Assigned to all new gloves for 2006 in different material and colour variations and to a goalkeeper jersey and shin guards. Independent design for the airstick shin guard and the club series goalkeeper glove. Launched Internationally 2006.
corporate product design for Sennheiser - Project in cooperation with the Sennheiser company: Dealing with the brand`s values and developing a coporate product design presented demonstrated with a professional Dj-headphone. The characteristics of this closed headphone are the one-side mounted earphones and the gummed grip part. The design is affected by simple and clear shapes, convex surfaces and fluent blends joined by mechanic moving parts.
bugie: public landscape design - Teamwork with student of architecture Konrad Hofmann within a cooperative project between the Technical University and the School of Art, Braunschweig. MISSION Transformation suggestion for the Burgundenplatz, a suburban public space in the Siegfriedviertel, a district of Braunschweig. CONCEPT Defined functional areas appear next to free spaces with flowing borders. The theme of communicating spaces harmonises the whole area.
open frame sportsglasses - The Dirkstyle sportsglasses are especially made for use in fast kinds of sports like cycle racing CONCEPT Large interchangable lenses in a stable frame protect the cyclist´s eyes with a wide field of view. Rubber linings in the nose pads and the temple tips provide a pleasant safe feeling. OPEN FRAME THEME Shaped by the breakup and its cutting edge, the plastic frame appears to be light and dynamic, despite its stable construction.
Portfolio Jan Vierjahn
Jan Vierjahn
industrial designer / footwear designer Nuremberg, Germany