Cutlery - BA Product Design
Carrots Cutlery
March, 1999

This is a set of cutlery which is presented as the carrot's appearance, including two knives, two folks, and one spoon.
It can make the dining room more lively, and make the meal more enjoyable.
Mobile Phone - BA Product Design
Mobile phone / for ladies
October, 1997

A mobile phone designed for ladies
Carema - BA Product Design
Decemver, 1998

A sport type camera with the casual colour
Internet Phone - BA Product Design
Internet Phone
May, 1998
Juicer - BA Product Design
March, 1998

A juicer designed with the image of fruit.
Vacuum - BA Product Design
Vacuum Cleaner
Decemver, 1999

A handy vacuum cleaner, for small family
Portable Toilet - BA Graduation Design
Portable Toilet
Octover 1999 - March 2000

With the unique shape, a unit could be assembed with other units as a set.
The set could include 2-6, and even more units. It is suitable for any space with different shape & size.
It could be separated into pieces, and it's good for shipment.
Powered by solar energy.
BA Product Design
Ying-Chi Chuang
Product Designer Taipei, Taiwan