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Halo - Nothing feels as good as getting a thumbs up from Master Chief!
Crysis - A screenshot from the game "Crysis" manipulated.
New Angel
Guitar Girl - This was my first really good piece.
I'm on a phone! - It costs how much?!
Assassin's Creed 1
Killzone - A tribute to the favorite game of my childhood.
Assassin's Creed 2 - Altair is a BA.
The Spirit - One of my favorite movies. I always said I'd go back and fix the colors some day. I never did.
Chaotic Anime
For Alora - I love love.
SOTW - Made for a competition. I won 10:1 in the ratio of votes against all the other pieces combined.
Swimming in the Abyss - My favorite piece. Oh, she's not really swimming by the way. It just looked like it to me.
Skull Vector
Anime... Again - Gotta love them comics.
I Can See Forever
Johnny 3 Tears - Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead.
Candy Kid - Very washed out colors. I do enjoy it though.
Ice - One of my few simple pieces.
DJ Lyc0sa - Something I made for DJ Lyc0sa.

The font used is Geist KNT.
Owl City Poster - Poster I made for a friend.

Everything vectored in Adobe Illustrator.
Grunge stocks taken from a picture of a tree in my backyard.
Thrown together in Photoshop.

Total time: 15 hours over a 1 week radius.
Terracotta Pie - ...
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