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K√ľnstlerische Raum - Artistic Space Strategies.
This course was done during my exchange program to Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmold, Germany.
In this, we had to study the work of an artist and develop an installation based on their work strategies.
I studied Felice Varini. He is known for creating illusions of flat graphics on three-dimensional spaces using the same eye-deceiving technique called Anamorphosis illusion. The paintings are characterized by one view point while
various broken fragmented shapes are seen from various other view points, he usually works with geometric shape and mostly with monochromatic colors.
Nine dancing triangles by Felice Varini 2012
Three Ellipses or Three Locks by Felice Varini 2009
The 3 strategies I picked are One point view, Geometric shape, and Monochromatic color
Cause : Brest cancer
Scale model from different view points
People have to move around to locate the right view point, it also conveys a message to them to make a move and join the cause
Artistic Space Strategies - Move

Move Installation
Cause: Brest Cancer

Xaviera Zinyu
Industrial Designer - Furniture and Interiors Bengaluru, India