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The Brief was to take inspiration from nature and develop forms and products.
Myotis Lucifugus was my inspiration.
The wings of the bats have always fascinated me so I explored more on the structure of the wings. During my research on their diet, I learned the bats are insectivores which makes this species beneficial to agriculture as it eats many agricultural pests. I wanted to combine both the ideas and came up with a final product which is a set of garden tool.
Forms inspired by the wings of the bat
Tessellations made by repeating the final form.
Tessellation printed on products
Hand carved handle of the garden tools.
The ergonomics of every tool is different from each other because of its purpose. Keeping in mind of the final form I slightly made variations to each and every handle so that it looks and feel like a part of the same family
The final product.
Hand fork
Compact Packaging
For the packaging, I took inspiration from the characteristics and form of the bad, how they hang upside down when they are hibernating with their wings wrapped around them.

The handle of the tools are all carved using hand tools
Garden Hand Tools

Hand carved Garden Hand tools designed during our Nature and Form course.
Inspiration - Myotis Lucifugus

Xaviera Zinyu
Industrial Designer - Furniture and Interiors Bengaluru, India