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Why Stretcher? 
A stretcher because of the needs of it for an obese person from user study and my personal experience. A plus size stretcher is not easily available in the market and since it is not an easy task to move or transfer an obese or overweight patient from one place to another or even from one bed to another. Lots of time and energy are consumed and also put to waste
1. Belt to ensure safety.
2a. Water resistant coated woven polyethylene fabric top.
2b. Second loop.
3. Nylon Handel straps for lifting or pulling.
4. High-strength aluminum alloy frames coated with rubber.
5.Two rubber swivel castor wheels.
The fabric top is wipeable and anti-fungus for easy cleaning and sterilization.
The eight large nylon hand holds is stitched through and through for incredible strength and durability
Rubber swivel castor wheels, light and convenient.
1. The stretcher can be placed on the bed under a thin
mattress for regular use or in case of emergency can spread it on the bed and pull the patient on top of it. It can also be used for pulling up the patient to sit

2. In case of emergency, slide the frame in the stretcher from below and pull the patient down gently

3. The stretcher can either be push or carried to the ambulance car

4. Easy to transfer the patient from one bed to another
The frame can be dismantled so it can be set to the average size by removing one frame piece from the width. It can be packed and stored when not in use.
Stretcher for Special needs

A universal stretcher specifically designed for obese and overweight people which is handy and easy to use. This was done during Design for Special Needs course.

Xaviera Zinyu
Industrial Designer - Furniture and Interiors Bengaluru, India