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Lomita Tablet Chair

Lomita was designed during Simple Furniture Design course.
The brief was to design a tablet chair for College/ Universities Audiovisual rooms.
I started by studying the existing tablet chairs in my institute, problems the user's face and tried to come up with a solution.
Seat and Backrest - The upholstery backrest and the seat make it comfortable for the user to sit for a longer       duration, the existing chair (metal perforated sheet) because of the metal property it changes according to the room temperature which is not suitable for air-conditioned rooms
 Tablet - The solid wood tablet can be used for reading/writing and the ball bearing joint on the tablet which rotates 360 degrees helps the user to sit/stand up without moving the objects on it (example books, laptops).
Backrest - The rotating backrest helps the user to adjust the angle according to their comfort.
Tablet Chairs in my Institute
Tablet Chair

Tablet chair for College/ Universities Audio Visual rooms, designed for the course Simple Furniture Design.

Xaviera Zinyu
Industrial Designer - Furniture and Interiors Bengaluru, India