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This course was done during my 4-month exchange program to Hochschule Ostwestfalen Lippe, in Detmold, Germany.
The Brief was to make a sculpture of an African mask out of the trunk of a Birch tree, using only hand tools (mallet and chisel) in the time period of 3 days.
I started by making small miniature using clay which helped to explore and visualize the final product better. While exploring I liked the idea of having two-face for the mask as it brings about the true nature of human:
One that is the true self and the one that is portrayed to the world. It also allowed me to work with different techniques on the wood.
Two Sided Face - Wooden Sculpture

.A wood mask carved out of Birch wood

Xaviera Zinyu
Industrial Designer - Furniture and Interiors Bengaluru, India