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passiiiooonn - art keeps me sane;)
Piano Affair - its in her
Lost Portrait - did this back in Secondary school, with my fingers and some acrylic paint;), pretty spontaneous, pretty lost..
Push and Pull - struggles of life,
with your ownself
passiiiooonn - art keeps me sane;)
Caught inBetween 2 hearts - sticky situation...hehe
this was a pen sketch did in the office, when the brain just went "DEAD"..hehe, touched it up a bit on photoshop, this actual photo of the guy, SQ, a talented Photographer,

the wings and everything else, i added;)hehe
Double - love my 2 younger sisters;)
Audrey's diamond
Feels like raindrops
Art and Photography
Yana A.R
The Designtist, Environment Designer Singapore, Singapore