Autonomous multipurpose vessle.

A SWAT torpedo hull with 2 outriggers create a unique trimaran platform. The hydrofoils on the hulls can carry the outriggers above the water line to maximise speed in calm waters. The winspans are coverd with 22m2 solarpannels to power the instaled systems and the backup electric motor. Tthe batteries are packed below the waterline to lower the point of gravity.

The 18m high 2 section wingsail is optemized for (low speed) laminar flow and focused on reducing drag rather then increasing lift. Simulations were done to maximise efficiency in wingsails functionality edge (20° headwind).

Equipment can spread the whole spectrum from hydrophones, sonar, thermal/night vision, chemistry/weather sensors for all kinds of operations. Like coastgard activity’s, animal tracking, windpark maintenance, ship guiding, ... and this in open waters over multiple months.

Yogi Beeuwsaert
Ma. Design Treviso, Italy