"I do, too..." - mixed media, acrylic, unconditional love, dessert
Born to be Free - Mixed media, acrylic, 22"x28"
Fine Balance - mixed media, acrylic, 22x28"
Rendez-vous avec Chocolat (2) - mixed media, acrylic, 24x30"
Mio Amore - Mixed media
Just me... - Figure, woman, lonely, semi-abstract, acrylic painting
Free swinging... - Watercolor on canvas
Rendez-vous avec Chocolat... (sold) - Mixed media
I am in Heaven... - Watercolour on canvas
Fine Balance (sold) - Mixed media, 10x10"
Born to be free... (sold) - mixed media, 10x10"
Girl can dream... - mixed media
Fine Balance 2 - Mixed media
Dreaming Klimt... (sold) - Encaustic
Fine balance 3 - Encaustic Painting
Coming Home - Mixed media
Coming Home 2... - Mixed media
Coming Home 3... (donated) - Mixed media
Journey home - watercolour on canvas
Coming Home 4 - Watercolour on canvas
Coming Home 6... - mixed media, collage
Poppies for Ann... sold - Watercolour on canvas, (diptych)
Gallery - Recent Work
Zina Chmielowski
visual artist Toronto, ON