Balance Seat - Our bodies were not designed to sit in one position continuously. Children, especially those with ADHD, have a difficult time remaining in their seat during class and often get reprimanded for it. This product was developed as part of a series of classroom products for children with ADD/ ADHD. It allows children the movement that they need, right in their seat.
Notebook Protector - Reusable notebook protector. User friendly, with corner clicks for protection and anti slip points that help keep the notebook on the desk. Comes in a variety of colors for classroom color-coding.
Little Helper- classroom desktop organizer - A classroom desktop organizer for the student's essentials. Once attached to the desk with a clip, it ensures that the child is always ready to learn, with two pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener handy. Developed as part of a series of classroom products for children grades 1-3 with ADD/ ADHD.
Paper Recycling Bin - Recycle-able cardboard recycling bin for elementary school classrooms with carrying trolley. The easy-to-assemble receptacle ships flat and allows children to fully participate in the paper recycling process. Once the receptacle is full, the child can wheel it to the collection are and replace it with a new one without having to lift heavy weights.
Sensory Playground
Sensory Playground - Designed for children with medium to severe cerebral palsey (CP) at special education school
GaGo Gator - GaGo Gator is a battery operated developmental toy for children ages 6 months and up. sensors in the gator's head cause it to advance a small distance when touched. The gator's body stretches and the tail follows a few seconds later. The child is encourage to crawl and chase the toy around. Tiny Love competition winner. The toy was developed with visually impaired children in mind.
Cut & Paste - Do it yourself stuffed toy kit for parents to make a no-sew stuffed toy for their child from an old shirt or fabric with sentimental value. The kit includes turtle or snail shell, pattern stickers, soft filling, assortment of eyes and instructions.

*Dad's old shirt not included.
Designed for Children
Shany Orian
Industrial Design Tel-Aviv, Israel