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VERANDA. . . a casual dining-family space.

Family, guest, and friends are the main ingredients in a casual dining-living room combo.
This kitchen and living area style surrounded by garden in veranda with nature-inspired color scheme helps the sitting, dining, and cooking areas blend seamlessly. Wall mural and furniture are arranged to create oriented zones within the room to separates the kitchen and living area.
A cook top in the island opens the floor for conversation with guests or family members while meals are being prepared, whether they're seated at the counter or in the adjacent living area. (WorkInProgress)
http://zdesigninfo.blogspot.ae/2016/08/v-e-r-n-d-a-casual-dining-family-space.html - WIP
http://zdesigninfo.blogspot.ae/2016/09/v-e-r-n-d-a-casual-dining-family-space.html - FINAL

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Zernan Suarez
interior designer | visualizer | 3d artist Dubai, United Arab Emirates