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masterthesis in coorperation with fraunhofer ipk

While visual representation of virtual objects is becoming more realistic, current interaction devices are still only partially able to reproduce mechanical properties of virtual objects in realistic manner. Most interaction devices are simple input devices that do not support haptic feedback. The aim is to develop a new smart interaction device that facilitates the hand-based interaction with 3D virtual environments for the user.
For aesthetic and ergonomic optimization of the interaction device new technologies such as 3-D scan and 3-D printing were used during development. Furthermore, the new interaction device should be mounted and demounted as easy as possible to an existing haptic interaction system.
The new device should facilitate the use of interactive 3-D applications without prior knowledge or long-lasting and more sequential processing techniques to make the handling of complex 3-D systems more intuitive and faster.

Alexander Müller
product designer (master of arts) Stuttgart, Germany