Martians | Floor Lamp

Martian is a simple and emotional standing fixture. This floor lamp has highly adjustable and transformable design so it's able to fit a variety of interior's applications.

The head part being connected by swivel joints with three stand bars is able to slide up and down over them. The joints have two rotation axises, so it is possible to adjust light in any direction and choose a height for head part on the bars. This forms up a very slim and lightweight tripod-like silhouette.
The fixture can be transformed manually to desired configuration smoothly: joints and sliders are friction based. Sliders can be moved inside slots made in pipe bars. Variety of configurations are possible: floor lamp can stand on non-flat surface, or even at places with step and different floor levels. Additionally, the design is symmetrical and it allows to be swapped up side down.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Igor Lobanov
Industrial Designer Moscow, Russia