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Sleeper Wagon - Click the magnifying glass to read the description. (Icon located under the bottom right side of the image)

Be kind, this was my first design project back in 2003. If I could do it again it would be very different.
Initial sketches - The aim was to create a Sandman style sleeping space in my ‘78 Cortina Wagon.
Before - The 1978 Cortina station wagon above was my first car. As can be seen the back seats can fold down allowing extra trunk space, which is used later in the project.
Getting my hands dirty - Sculpted and fabricated MDF coated in sealant was covered in 5mm foam and fabricated with black vinyl. The storage space lids are curved 2mm sheet steel and also covered in vinyl. Cotton curtains were suspended by hooks from the roof and 6x9 alpine speakers were fixed into the box space.
The finished result - This project was nominated for consideration for DesignTECH, which is an exhibition of outstanding Design and Tech projects. It didn't make it but was given a commendation from the Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Training.

Not Pictured: Back seats can still fold back with ease to a make the car a four seater again. The curtains also pack away into the storage spaces.
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Cortina Station Wagon Conversion
Aaron Sheen
Bach. Industrial Design Engineering Honours Class 2 Div 2 Sutherland (South Sydney), Australia