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UWS+FSAE Body Design and CADwork - Final year Engineering project: I was in a team setup to build the foundations for a UWS entry into the FSAE. The Formula - Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) is a competition where students form teams to design and build a small racing vehicle to be raced and scored on its design and engineering. My part was to begin aerodynamics and styling for the bodywork, worth important marks in the presentation section of the judges scoring criteria.
CAD Modelling and Rendering - Make sure to click the magnifying glass to the bottom right of the image for a full page view.

This model was built in Rhino 4 and rendered using V-Ray for Rhino. The body design was crafted from my concept drawings and improved during the CAD process. For added realism I used texture mapping on the details and I researched how to create special painting effects online. It’s not quite photorealistic, but I’ve heard it’s close and I’m happy with the result.
Bodywork Design Inspiration - I wanted a tough high-speed look that would finish off the hardwork of the team. It's inspired by the appearance of fast animals like jaguars, which have long and streamlined feaures. Most of the lines are pointing fowards and meld together at the joins. Overall I think it looks good, but I usually have to fight the urge to improve it more.
Bodywork Design Inspiration - This is my favourite rendering and I think it shows the most interesting visual features of the work.
Inital sketch - The first concept sketch.

The following 4 images were also inspired by music, mainly 'Voodoo People' by the Prodigy (Pendulum remix)
First Rendering - Blue and white are a part of UWS's identity/image and so could not be changed. The side strips are inspired by the Ford XR8.
Side Sketch - This shows a side shot of the body. Also showing two different sizes of wheel, these were the two options available.
Side Rendering
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FSAE UWS Bodywork Renderings
Aaron Sheen
Bach. Industrial Design Engineering Honours Class 2 Div 2 Sutherland (South Sydney), Australia