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The Runaway: Improving the exercise experience for youths - When trying to lose weight, teenagers said a lack of motivation was the main reason for failing. To maintain motivation, intrinsic (internal) motivation needs to be developed. To do this the need for competition, challenge, competence, fantasy, escapism, and relatedness need to be met. This is an audio based game you can play while actually running. You race against characters on a virtual landscape such as a beach or mountain pass, which can meet those intrinsic needs.
Taking the bordom out of running - Race against virtual runners in tournaments set all over world. While running you hear the virtual environment as it passes by, competitors steps around you, and your own footsteps (using a pedometer)
Your footsteps also interact with the environment, eg. you hear a wave crashing up ahead and as the race continues, everbodies footsteps turn to splashes. All using real surround sound effects!
Run-Away's User Interface - To support the sound cues, the wrist band has a flexible LCD screen that displays an overview of the players positions and times.
Surround Sound Headphones - When you hear sound, the ear uses the pinna (your outer ear flap) to determine where it came from. So the only way to get a real surround sound effect is to have sound that is directed into the pinna from behind and infront.
This would be the first 'real' surround sound headset that doesn't have large cups covering the ears and connects with bluetooth to the wristband.
Wrist-Band hand renders - The initial sketches show side buttons and a slimmer band. The design was inspired by popular watch faces and band designs bought by the younger markets. Watches from surfing brands etc.
V-Ray Renderings - The buttons were moved to the top face for better ergonomics. The knotches in the black band were removed as well to help create a minimised overall look.
Photo Finished Model - The finished model had a Ceelite (tm) lighting panel built in behind the screen so it would light up with a similar brightness to an iPod.

The face was machined and polished aluminium and the band was rapid prototyped. The clear screen was vacuum formed 1mm perspex and the colour screen is just a over-head projection slide I printed.
Exploded Assembly View - This was taken from my engineering drawings, the image shows all of the parts and gives a clue as to how it has been put together. The numbers corespond to the not included parts list.
Engineering Drawings Sample - This is the steel watch face/housing. The drawings are done to AS1100 standards. See the "engineering drawings" folder for some more examples.
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The RunAway_Honours Design Project
Aaron Sheen
Bach. Industrial Design Engineering Honours Class 2 Div 2 Sutherland (South Sydney), Australia