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Solid Geometry
Solid Geometry
Wood & Bamboo exploration
Handmade Clay Tiles
Low-rise Stool (Simply done using joineries) - A knock down furniture piece made using no nails, screws etc. Easy to dismantle and assemble.
Scale: 1:1
Joineries used: Cross Halving Joint & Dovetail Joint
Rhinoceros - The backyard of someone's house in Srinagar, Kashmir.
Shelving unit 5' x 3' - Designed for hostellers who are design students. Door would be double leaf
Furniture Design - Prototyping stage, playing with heights. 5' and 6'. Width is fixed at 3'.
Internal part of Shelving unit - The different options for spacing material
Internal part of Shelving unit
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3-D Modelling Rendering and Exploration
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