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poster - i created this poster for my designer using an image from one of his books and a quote from him.
brochure, side one - tri-fold brochure describing my thesis designer (front cover is to the right). i created the logo inspired by some of the bold text he used and also chose my color scheme inspired by his work. Here is a quote (shown when brochure is open) and a sequence of events in mau's life (on the back cover).
brochure, side two - inside spread of my brochure. first, is a short biography and another quote. second, three of his major works with a photo and description. i used smaller thumbnails of other works of his that i was inspired by. last are his major awards and achievements, followed by my thoughts on the four principles he designed by.
thesis presentation - my entire thesis on display in the art gallery. my designer created the signage for MoMA in new york city, so i created a banner inspired by that sign to the left. also shown is my poster, and the brochure on my shelf. the open project i created was for book covers, inspired by the book covers he designed. i also created a vinyl version of my logo for the wall also inspired by the signage at MoMA.
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Thesis Project

2008 Graphic Design Thesis project at Mount St. Joseph

Amanda Absher
Graphic Designer Cincinnati, OH