Veritas Management & Consulting - The client is a small company located in Dortmund, Germany. A professional consulting firm to Mfg companies and interim management for mid-size Mfg companies (Mfg = manufacturing). Consulting and Interim Management Services are provided to companies that manufacture goods as opposed to providing services to just buy and re-sell. They focus on finance management, supporting acquisitions / integration and supporting projects like IT-system intro.
H. A. Patwa & Co. - A Certified Public Accountants firm providing accounting services to private firms and companies, located in Mumbai.
Visual Art Gallery - A visual art gallery situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Voila, Haiti - Client's requirement was to give my style of 3d effect to their logo.
Edunia - An online social network
Maya Messenger - Maya Messenger is an instant messenger client used for online chatting.
Photograpphy Institutte - Photograpphy Institutte teaches photography by some of the most experienced and talented fine art photographers working today. They provide basic and advanced photography, technical exposure, creativity and lastly solve all doubts related to what, how and where to shoot.
SpongeFish - The client is a large company located in San Francisco. SpongeFish, an innovative knowledge-sharing Web 2.0 platform.
Visual TranMate Logo Design - Visual TranMate is an add-in software to MS Word for translation(computer aided translation).
Voila Mon Universe Logo Design - Voila Mon Universe means My Universe. The client wanted to redesign the logo by adding the term "mon universe" to the existing logo and give the feeling of universe to it.
Biztree Logo Design - BizTree is a Web 2.0 company providing business productivity tools to small businesses worldwide.
Comme il FautCompagnie Des Tabacs - Comme il Faut is a local cigarette brand in Haiti. Client wanted to revamp the look of this iconic "C". They have a regular & a menthol Comme Il Faut cigarette.
Logo design
Aakash Soneri
Type & Graphic Designer Ahmedabad, India