Sarifixation, Sari recycling project with Lalitara

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that can be simplified as three realities: “Nothing is perfect, nothing is finished and nothing lasts”. These aesthetic principles correlate with the concepts of Zen Buddhism that originated in India.

I wanted to communicate these aesthetics to my Sarifixation upcycle, by emphasizing the asymmetrical qualities on my garment. I chose to incorporate the Canadian Smocking technique to the yoke of my dress to bring out a texture that is not usually seen on traditional Saris. The dress also includes organic, off-centered neck and armhole lines to highlight the eccentric imperfections.

The dress is created with the Sari as well as some supplementary silk organza fabric. The hem is finished with hem tape technique, using the border of the sari.

Through the upcyling process, the Sari’s usability comes to a full circle.

-Alma Al Farisi

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Alma Alfarisi
Fashion Designer Jakarta, Indonesia