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Oxford'98 - Overdrive guitar pedal

To prevent my brain from frying during 2020 lockdowns I started a new personal project : create guitar effect pedals. My electronics skills being close to none, I had to learn everything, from soldering to reading schematics and understanding the role of each component. Finally I was able to copy some existing circuits and make some sound.
After a lot of rookie mistakes I built my first 2 stompboxes. They sound really well so I am very proud to use them on my own pedalboard.
Oxford'98 : versatile overdrive pedal, from clean boost to crunchy overdrive. I built it from a tutorial (@madeineuphoria), the circuit itself being based on 2 popular schematics (1 for the distortion, 1 for the tone control).

Arnaud Arduini
Senior Industrial Designer Metz, France