COVER DESIGN This shows the cover for the Early Spring version of the catalog. Vector art done with Illustrator. The concept for the caterpillar was a "universal" caterpillar that would appeal to children, not a specific species.
CATALOG COVERS Both versions of the cover along with the back cover (on the left). The versions are connected through the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly.
INTERIOR LAYOUT We introduced a new line of art materials with this catalog and re-worked the entire section, with all new layouts. The ribbon of paint shown on this spread not only shows the quality of the paint, but it also ties to our proprietary label design, and also connects to the rainbow spectrum of colors used in the cover design.
Environments Spring 2014 Catalog

The Environments® Spring 2014 Catalog is a comprehensive mix of furniture and educational materials for early childhood education. The catalog has 276 pages, with two cover versions.

I provided art direction for the catalog and shot the majority of the product and model photography. I also handled graphic design for new layouts and created the concept and illustration for the covers.

Aaron Miller
Creative Director Beaufort, SC