Three RoadPlay Carpets are shown here: Transportation Hub Carpet, Country Roads Carpet, and City Square Carpet. The photo shows a child at play on the City Square carpet. On this rug, children can design their own town or city. Teachers can use the carpet to introduce common street markings and other features found in cities and towns such as parking spaces, pedestrian crosswalk, city square, and sidewalks.
RoadPlay Carpets

RoadPlay Carpets is a line of area rugs designed for use with building blocks and accessories. Many similar play carpets are available, but most have graphics of buildings, trees, and other features already printed on the carpet. My concept was to keep the roads and geographic features, but to minimize the other graphics so that children can play more creatively and build whatever structures they want to go along with their vehicles and other play accessories.

Product concept, textile design, photography

Aaron Miller
Creative Director Beaufort, SC