Scouting Party; a portfolio piece. Digital.
Black Dragon - ©SOE - for Legend of Norrath
Red Rocks Dragon; oil on panel.
On All Sides - ©AEG - Legend of the Five Rings
Knight, Death, and the Devil - for Open Design. Digital
Princess of Mars - Oil on panel.
The Well Read Gorilla - interior illustration, Wayfinder Magazine. oil on panel.
Raven Queen - Oil on panel.
Tarzan and La of Opar - oil on panel. 20" x 24". Private commission.
Zaos the Wyrm - ©SOE for Legends of Norrath
Hida Mochitoko - ©AEG . For Legend of the Five Rings. Digital.
Alarla Nruneree | ©WOTC | 12×16? | Oil on panel
Descendant of Yig | ©FFG | oil on panel
The Elf Queen on the Copper Throne | digital
Merlin’s Blessing | ©PKXL | digital
Fires of the Desert | Cover | digital
Fantasy/Sci-FI Illustration

Illustration portfolio. Traditional and digital techniques used.

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Aaron Miller
Illustrator Chicago, IL