Modeled and textured this modular arena set for background propagation.
In-game screenshot of arena
Modular rock set for propagation in backdrop.
In-game screenshot with modular rock formations
Modular cliff rock set with tiling textures and grass blend.
Bug Trap. Zbrush sculpt and final game model.
Miscellaneous low-poly props rendered in-game
A mobile throne used by the nemesis Kaos in Superchargers. This model was used primarily for cutscenes. Model and textures done by me. Concept by Dave Phillips
This is a Kaos's mobile throne which I modeled and textured for use in Supercharger's cutscenes.
Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers, which is the 5th game in the Skylanders series was released on Septmber 20 2015. We started production in 2013. I was involved in the project from start to finish, My role was as environment and prop artist.

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