Packaging Prototypes - These package prototypes served as an example of designing for different retail outlets. (Blister pack in the middle was vacuum formed)
Logo Generation - In giving an identity to a brand or sub-brand, exploration of the logo or the face of the brand is crucial.
Branding Image - After choosing a logo, a family of business documents was created to give an image to the brand.
Packaging Concepts - Generating packaging concepts was a great exercise in applying 2D graphics in 3D space.
POP Concepts - Retail outlets would need Point of Purchase displays to be used in conjunction with their respective packages.
POP Prototype - In keeping with a clear theme, this Point of Purchase Display is made of one piece of thermoformed plastic and one plastic dowel, which both can be reused, or recycled.
White Model Form Study - This trade show exhibit study model was made from white foamcore, and thermoformed frosted plastic
Exhibit Final Solution - 3D Rhino model
Aaron Wierenga
Industrial Designer Nashville, TN