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Fragile or Weak - What is the Difference between Fragile and Weak
Frankenstein's Awakening
Meeting with Frankenstein - Where Frankenstein meets him creation in a cave
Cityscape Matte
Destroyed City - Showcasing the Destruction of Montreal
FInal Robot
Frankenstein: Creation of the Monster
Forest Observatories
Rockcity Pathway
Gears of War Style
A Painting from the top of the parking lot overlooking Fair Oaks.
Plane Crash
Staggared Trees
Tree-eating plant
Predator's Expressions
Cityscape Sketches
Grandma Snail's Farm
Frankenstein Sketches
Trees For Farm
Character Thumbs for Farm
Robot Thumbs
Robot Sketches
Robinson Crusoe: Crusoe's Tent
Robinson Crusoe: Homey Cave
Robinson Crusoe: Killing of the Cannibals
Bug's Life 2: Tree
Bug's Life 2: Teenage Dot
Bug's Life 2: Butch the Bee
Bug's life 2: Humphery
Temple in Forest
Bug's Life 2: Gag in the House
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