The Gasometer, with tunnel entrance. I apologise for the bad resolution.
Mesh cover and water facility.
View from above to show the size.
Without the Gasometer structure for a better look. Bench seating is available in the upper section.
Rough Illustration for a leaflet promoting the Gasometer. Done using Windows PAINT !
Gasometer Concept Sketches.
FIRST YEAR Sketchup Gasometer

This was a first year project, and one of the first times I had ever used Google Sketchup !

In Grangetown, Cardiff there is a gasometer which is no longer in use. The prokect was to transform it into something that would benefit the community.

Using my inspiration from my visit to Hong Kong, I decided to turn it into a bird reserve. Coating it in mesh, with an arched top, I added oriental style walkways, that work their way up to the top platform.

The idea was that members of the public could visit free of charge or with the option to give a donation. The grassy mound at the base reflects the original forms of the gasometer, with the water surround to provide drinking/bathing facilities for the birds. It was of a huge height so there was enough flying space. Sketchup was very slow, which is the reason for the lack of vegetation !! However, if I was to do this now, in a programme that was quicker, such as 3dsMax, I would fill the space with taller trees and lots of shrubs/plants.

Abbie Jones
Interior Designer Newport, United Kingdom