My mum needed a new number sign for our home. So my cousin kindly provided me with a lovely piece of our infamous Welsh slate! I then lightly penciled in my free hand design and painted over with multi-surface white paint. It took a few coats and steady hand!
When you're out of birthday cards and need one pronto - put pen to paper!
Hand made mug warmer - birthday gift.
A hand tie I created using rose, agapanthus, lisianthus, alstroemeria, crysthanamums, carnations and wax flower.
A hand tied bouquet I put together for my work colleague Rhian for her birthday. Made up of roses, lillies and alstroemeria with a hand written label.
Easter jam jar arrangements with tulips and daffodils.
A classic gypsophila and alstroemeria bouquet wrapped in brown paper, for a friends birthday.
Another beautiful bouquet consisting of lisianthus, roses and statis.
Table arrangement for a family birthday party. Gypsophila, alstroemeria and castor oil leaves.
Gypsophila wedding preparation. A simple galvanized bucket is so effective.
A birthday cake for my Godmother's 60th birthday - simple summer fruits and fresh cream!
This is bunting that I knitted for my Goddaughter Holly.
Homemade Christmas cards!
All foraged ourselves - handmade Christmas stars and driftwood Christmas trees.
This was my mums unit, it was originally a natural wood colour but we painted it, leaving some bits as it was originally. I think it is very effective and it's amazing how a little paint can revive a piece of furniture.
The merchants chest belonged to my grand parents. Its original colour is what is on the top.
Home Crafts

Here are just a couple of photographs that represent me getting crafty and creative at home.

Abbie Jones
Interior Designer Newport, United Kingdom