GUCH Moodboard
Development of a new logo - Coming up with a brand idea - The GUCH Charity is all about transforming lives, having someone to talk to and getting things out in the open. What I thought best represents this is Metamorphosis. I thought of a small caterpillar, hiding away in a cocoon, then transforming into a butterfly, exploring new life and having freedom. The logo I have created involves a small, abstract butterfly with green wings. The green wings are a heart shape, as GUCH is a charity for congenital heart disease. It is simple and fresh.
Concept Sketches so far.
SECOND YEAR GUCH Charity for Utopia Bristol

My class were asked to produce an ideal office space that would house GUCH (Grown Up Congenital Heart Patients Association) Charity.

My idea is to create a space that represents the development, growth and transformation of the charity. In order to develop an idea and brand, I came up with Metamorphosis for my design idea (the transformation of a caterpillar into a free beautiful). My design will use fresh, green shades, offering space and comfort. My logo is inspired by Metamorphosis, with an abstract butterfly. The butterfly's wings are in the shape of a heart, coloured in green.

The deadline for this project is May 7th 2012, and depending on which day we fall, each of us have to pitch our design (either the 8th or 9th May 2012) in front of Utopia and the charity GUCH.

There is a chance for two members of the class to get a years experience working with Utopia, Bristol.

Abbie Jones
Interior Designer Newport, United Kingdom