Sheet One - Introduction to the inspiration behind the bar and floor plans.
Sheet Two - Materials used are listed here. The materials are easily accessible and can be recycled. The potential furniture is also listed and a section is included of the bar and mezzanine area.
Mood Board for Satelliet Browns - This is a mood board displaying my influences for the bar design, also including materials and colours I planned to use. I have used just a few words which I think describe the industrial theme in different ways.
Some Concept Sketches.
SECOND YEAR Satelliet Browns Student Competition

First time using 3Dmax ! Satelliet Browns supply numerous furniture, and we were asked to design a bar. The floor plans and details were given to us. We had to pick some sort of inspiration behind the design of the bar, I picked an industrial and concrete scheme. This included scaffolding poles and recycled materials to create a raw, honest look and feel. The dim lighting created a building site and urban atmosphere.

Abbie Jones
Interior Designer Newport, United Kingdom