Sheet One - This sheet includes the site floor plan, supporting imagery and a little about Trip Advisor, so that whoever views my work can understand some of the choices that I have made, when it came to designing this venue.
Sheet Two - Here the concept of the design is explained and why I designed things in a particular way.
Sheet Three - Blog, Poll and Subscribe are areas within the Trip Advisor website that allow visitors to get involved, so I incorporated these into the design as they represent some of the services Trip Advisor offers. I have included a few of my basic hand drawings here.
Sheet Four - The cinema room is designed to be a room of inspiration, helping visitors to get ideas on where to travel. This room represents the World, so it is a large open space full of possibilities. I have included a sketch of mine here.
Hand Drawings/Design Process - These sketches represent my design process, how I changed things when designing the site, and how my ideas developed. I also carried out analysis of the website to incorporate things into my design, such as the services and theme colours. Mind-mapping allows me to break down the brand and make it more understandable and easier to work with.
SECOND YEAR Trip Advisor for FITCH February 2012

My class was asked to by FITCH designers of London, to individually choose one of four brands put forward by the company. We had to design a space that would best represent our chosen brand and create a brand experience.

The size of the site was up to us and there was no set budget. They also asked for us to provide any sketches that would represent our design process and any other research carried out.

The four brands were: iTunes, Trip Advisor, Timeout and ASOS. I chose Trip Advisor, a well known travel advice website that offers reviews of holidays, hotels and restaurants etc from people all around the World who have visited them. It is a website designed to help you make decisions and plan the perfect trip. I had to include elements to my design that would best represent the brand and give visitors an experience that will allow them to enjoy searching for everything they want in their ideal trip.

Abbie Jones
Interior Designer Newport, United Kingdom