720 Degree iPhone Camera Case

With 360 Labs we changed how moments are captured in 720°moving pictures.
Ground Breaking Technology:
360 Lab approached Satellite with a ground breaking technology in the action camera industry. This technology create a 720° HD video using two 360° lenses that capture action at a super wide angle. The two camera’s pictures are then “knitted” together to create a seamless viewing experience. The user can then use a laptop or iPad to naviagte around the scene and set the viewing angle to whatever they want. 360 Lab wanted to take this technology that had previously only been used for car racing and home monitoring and put it in the hands of the everyday consumer. They wanted to integrate this technology into a cell phone case that the user could have with them to capture immersive images whenever they wanted to.

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Freelance, Full-time
Abe Camacho
Design Director Phoenix, AZ