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Emoti-people - Explorations in caricatures within the constraints of the keyboard
(all featured are my colleagues in office!!!)
Streetscape - An introduction to my interpretation of what makes India.
Hope to continue
A couple after 4 years of romance...
ME Me me me2 - This is more familiar territory
I create therefore I am - Bicycles are prevalent in IIT Kanpur.......so is romance.

What if........
A Day-trippers lodge in Bandel, West Bengal - Inspired by F.L.Wright,this design was a study in rectlinear forms.
To serve as a stop over inn in Bandel, which is a popular river side picnic spot.
A Nursery School - Another play of forms.The plan was composed of free flowing spaces with very little internal partitions for maximum felxibility.
A Hill Resort at BhimTal, Himachal Pradesh - In keeping with the rigours of dealing with a sloped site an attempt has also been made to keep the entire resort as handicap accessible as possible.
Abhijit Bairagi
Abhijit Kr. Bairagi Hyderabad, India