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Liqi - The design needed to reflect only the essential.The constraints were of economy and manufacturing.The form needed to be rotary symmetric and the product could only be vacuum formed.
The result was a beautiful product that has an almost toy like appeal and is the most economic in terms of material used.
Spectacl'r - The challenge was to create a new fashion statement ...simple yet distinct
Color'd - To solve a need,to create a form
Sit n' shoe - It is a shoe rack is'nt it
The Splat!! - A design I enjoyed making the most. Just folded cardboard.
The dead flies on the surface is the graphics I intend to put. Just a psychological affordance!!
Flight - A Lampshade of paper designed to be rolled around on the floor.Scribble, light,and write.
Have fun!!!
Lush - An attempt to add a paradigm of sharing to a tetra pack for coconut water. A new way to market a new product. And it need not be shared.
Cuppish - When a child wants his fathers plate because his is too small.......I find a design interest.
PRISM - A micrcontroller, programmer unit designed for children to initiate them into the world of mechatronics
surface modelling - a difficult challenge, an organic shape
the mountain bike - A scrap metal representation of one of my favourite designs
C'are (cup+chair) - The coasters generally serve the purpose of just covering the cup or supporting it.
Why not have it as a cup holder as well.
Made of flexible insulating plastic it has grips on the sides for the thumb and fingers.
This way you dont burn your fingers and you hold the cup comfortably.

The modelling has been done in Rhino and rendering in 3Dmax
Barrel Table - Furniture Design (for FUN CITY, Gardens Mall, Dubai, U.A.E., and for FUN CITY, Al Saad Mall, Doha, Qatar)
The furnishings of the Mall was themed on pirates. This was thought to appeal children and keep them engaged while the adults completed their shopping

sniff - A pencil holder with a sense of humor. Made of paper mache.
An interesting skool project,don't you think?
Two, the try-out hanger - Problem:
The departmental store owners have a strange dilemma. They cannot allow the customers to try on every dress on the racks and they cannot refuse such a request and disappoint them.

It is a dress hanger with a wide and comfortable hinged hook that fits around the neck.

The dress hangs over the torso and one can get a quick preview of the appearance without the pain of holding the dress with hands or (more uncomfortably) chin.

Abhijit Bairagi
Abhijit Kr. Bairagi Hyderabad, India