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Sum of some sketches :)
Ideation stage for "TOP loading fully automatic washing machine"
Detailing stage after one "concept sketch" was selected.
working out the UI part :)
A "Semi Automatic Washing Machine" ideation stage
Designing a Knob for Semi automatic washing machine
Whille working on a "remote project"
mobile phone ideation stage
Ideation stage for "soundbar"
refrigerator handle and door ideation
Thermostat box design
while working on a FMCG project
DIP project sketches - redefining interiors ..
had to design interiors of double door refrigerator, all possible wildness were explored while keeping the engineering at check.. :)
oh and btw some no-so-interior stuff were also been sketched..
DIP project sketches - redefining interiors
cars, a journey to the right hand side.. - ball pen sketches..
cars, another few one going to the left side :)
some hand on this and that
years ago..
ahmedabad..somewhere during FEB'03
Kailash temple / ajanta elora , FEB'03
fly :) - a quick render on photoshop of one of my old sketch :) more following.. soon..
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Abhishek Bhartiya
Industrial Designer New Delhi, India