Mountain Bicycle - Mountain bicycle concept, the winner design of the World Bycicle co. contest 1999
Mercedes Conceptual Design, Humber College, 2004
Home Office Workstation Design - Main Features:
This convertible, versatile & compact product is intended to provide sufficient work surfaces for accommodating a PC & its accessories and to meet related ergonomic factors. It also offers the possibility of being closed and locked in a mater of seconds.
Home Office Workstation Design -
Main Features:
provides option of having small meetings up to three people, around the desk as well as easy access, ergonomic & functional
and exciting design
Exacutive Desk - Unique exacutive desk concept, designed to provide easy accessibility, enough storage space and possibility of having small meetings.
Second design prize awarded “Furniture Conceptual Design Contest” Japan 1999/2000
Conceptual Space Shuttle - INDU902 Drawing & Rendering Vehicles - Class Demonstration